We can edit and produce a variety of music as needed.

We edit songs for rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, ballroom dancing, figure skating, cheerleading, aerobics, artistic swimming, etc.

There is no charge for cancellation.
We only charge a production fee if you are satisfied after listening to the prototype.

Please feel free to order.

Three Features of Gottarizm Song Edit

  1. The only way to communicate is through safe and secure email
  2. Check the web for a sample of the prototype!
  3. Charges only if you’re happy with the prototype you hear! There is no charge for making a prototype or canceling a purchase!


Basic fee: 20$ (price includes two editing)

10$ for each additional editing point
    or 20$ (in the case of a performance)

Order to delivery

  1. To place an order, click here, fill out the form, and submit it.  
    I will reply early in the morning or late at night due to my work schedule.
  2. Please send us the audio data of the song you want to edit.
    ※If the data is too large, please send it as an email attachment or use a free data transfer service.
    ※We do not accept songs extracted from video sites. Please be sure to send us the song you have.
  3. We will start making prototypes.
  4. Please listen to the prototype. Please make payment only when you are satisfied with the corrected part.
    ※The sound quality of the prototype is intentionally degraded.
  5. After payment is confirmed, we will bring in the official version with clear sound quality by e-mail.
    ※Due to the nature of our business, the delivery will be done early in the morning or at night.
    =About carrying in=
    We will only accept mail-in.

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<Caution>Please read carefully

  • Form of delivery: Audio file (WAV file) delivered as an e-mail attachment
    ※Please note that the sound quality may be worse than that of commercially available CDs depending on the file format of the edited songs sent by the customer.
  • 制Work period: about 10 days
    ※An additional 10$ will be charged for each additional editing point.
    ※If you want to add music such as narration, chorus, strings, etc., it will be considered a performance and will cost $20. 。 
    (Example: 4 seconds is still 20$.)
  • Examples of past orders and pricesClick here
  • It will be delivered by mail.
    ・Please copy the file to a CD-R or other media by yourself.  
     Please note that we will not be able to support you in this case. 
    ・Please note that the sound quality may be worse than commercial CDs depending on the file format you send us.Please note that the sound quality may be worse than that of commercially available CDs.

Ability to edit songs by Gottarizm

  • It reduces the burden on teachers who have a large number of students and need time to edit songs.。
  • Adjust the length of the song exactly within the performance time.
    We can also do slow and steady editing upon request.
  • Repeat background music for school events, company events, etc.
  • We also produce sound effects with the names of dancers and teams. Please feel free to contact us.